ghost cookies

Halloween Ghost Sugar Cookies With White Royal Icing

These ghost cookies are made from sugar cookies frosted with royal icing. A spooky but cute treat for your Halloween party! Ghosts are a staple of any Halloween celebration. So making ghost cookies is a natural next step. And now that I’ve figured out how to make cut out cookies that hold their shape, I…

Halloween Bat Sugar Cookies

These adorable Halloween bat sugar cookies are super cute and easy to make! The perfect Halloween treat for a party. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I go all out with the decorations for my annual Halloween party. And love to have food (including desserts) that go with the theme. Unfortunately, I’m not a great baker….

cut out cookies that hold their shape

Cut Out Cookies That Hold Their Shape (3 Secrets To Prevent Sugar Cookies From Spreading)

This recipe for easy cut out cookies that hold their shape is an easy way to make rolled sugar cookies…even if you’re not a baker. And they’re super tasty! If you know me, you know I love a good party theme. And I’ve always loved the idea of decorated sugar cookies cut into shapes that…

Holiday Shortbread Thimble Cookies

These holiday shortbread thimble cookies made with nuts and jam or jelly are a delicious Christmas treat that everyone loves. In my family, part of Christmas celebrations always includes holiday baking like cranberry and white chocolate oatmeal cookies and cherry winks . These shortbread thimble cookies are another family favorite! These delicious cookies have been…