Berry Blue Malibu Jello Shots Recipe

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This berry blue Malibu jello shots recipe has a tropical flavor and is really easy to make with only 2 ingredients…Berry Blue jello and Malibu rum!

I love making jello shots that match my party decor, and that often means making blue jello shot recipes, like these Under The Sea jello shots and these blue Hawaiian jello shots. However, these berry blue Malibu jello shots are the easiest to make of all them.

Berry Blue Malibu Jello Shots

Berry Blue Malibu Jello Shots Recipe

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Berry Blue jello is one of the more difficult jello flavors to make good-tasting jello shots out of.

Unlike most of the other jello flavors, it isn’t a real fruit flavor so there aren’t any cocktail recipes that can be easily converted into a jello shot recipe.

Since it does have a fruit-y flavor, adding Malibu rum to it makes a tropical tasting jello shot that is really easy to put together.

The coconut flavor helps to balance out the ultra-sweet berry blue jello and makes for a refreshing treat.

I like to use them for summer parties (like the 4th of July) and whenever my favorite football team (Go Panthers!) is having a big game.

Or even when some of my not-so-favorite football teams are playing…

And like most jello shots, they are great party day time savers since you can make them a couple days in advance and keep them in the refrigerator until you need them.


This berry blue Malibu jello shots recipe is so easy. It only requires 2 ingredients – Berry Blue Jello and Malibu coconut rum.

Plus some water, of course.

What Size Of Jello Shot Cups Are The Best?

Jello shot cups

Jello shot cups with lids*

I always use these 2-ounce jello shot cups with lids* to serve jello shots.

They’re great because they prevent spills in the fridge, and are easy to transport and serve.

How To Make Berry Blue Malibu Jello Shots

Jello shot cups on cookie sheet

Spread out the jello shot cups on a cookie sheet. This makes moving the jello shots in and out of the refrigerator really easy.

It also catches any spills, making clean up a breeze. And prevents the blue jello from staining your countertop.

Berry blue jello and hot water being mixed for jello shots

Mix 1 cup of boiling water into the jello crystals and stir until the jello is completely dissolved in the water.

Using a bowl that has a pouring spout* will make it much easier to fill the jello shot cups later.

How Much Alcohol Do You Put In Jello Shots?

Add 2/3 cup Malibu rum and 1/3 cup cold water.

I prefer jello shots that aren’t too strong, which is why I use some water with the rum.

How Do You Make Strong Jello Shots?

However, you can adjust the amount of rum and water based on how much of a kick you like your jello shots to have.

Or eliminate the water altogether and use 1 cup of Malibu rum if you like your jello shots to be really strong.

Measuring cup with cold jello shot ingredients

The rule to follow is that the combination of the two cold liquids should come out to 1 cup. Using too much liquid will cause the jello not to set.

I usually pour them both into a measuring cup before adding them to the bowl with the jello. That way I know for sure the total amount is 1 cup.

How Long Does It Take Jello Shots To Set In The Fridge?

Refrigerate the jello shots for 2 to 4 hours, until they have set.

The time will vary depending on how full you made them and the temperature of your fridge.

How Many Jello Shots Are In A Box Of Jello?

A small (3-ounce) box of jello will make about 16 2-ounce jello shots (depending on how full you make each one).

A large (6-ounce) box of jello will make about 32 2-ounce jello shots. You would need to double the rest of the ingredients in the recipe to make this work.

Berry blue Malibu rum jello shots

How Long Do Jello Shots Last?

Jello shots can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week (probably even longer). However, I think they start to lose their flavor after a few days.

I usually make them a day or two before the party to get the best compromise between getting them ready early and still tasting good.

How Do You Serve Jello Shots?

I like to serve my berry blue Malibu jello shots with mini tasting spoons.* Most of my friends are past the stage of eating the jello shots right out of the shot cups and the spoons are the perfect size.

Other Jello Shot Recipes You Might Like

Or you can browse through all of our jello shot recipes for more ideas.

coconut rum blue jello shots

Berry Blue Malibu Jello Shots Recipe

This berry blue jello shots recipe made with coconut rum is a really easy version that has a tropical flair.
4.60 from 47 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Chilling Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 10 minutes
Servings 16 2-ounce jello shots
Calories 43 kcal


  • 1 cookie sheet
  • 16 2-ounce jello shot cups
  • 1 kettle or pot
  • 1 mixing bowl with a spout
  • 1 measuring cup


  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 3-oz (small box) Berry Blue jello
  • cup Malibu Rum (or other coconut rum)
  • cup cold water


  • Spread out the jello shot cups on a cookie sheet. 
  • Mix the Berry Blue Jello crystals with 1 cup of boiling water until the jello sugar has dissolved. 
  • Add the Coconut Rum and 1/3 cup cold water. Mix again.
  • Pour into jello shot cups.
  • Chill in the refrigerator until set, usually 2 to 4 hours.


  • The cookie sheet makes it much easier to transport the jello shots in and out of the refrigerator.
  • Adjust the amount of cold water and Malibu rum based on how strong you want your jello shots to be. Just make sure that the combination of the two comes out to 1 cup of total liquid.
  • Using a mixing bowl with a spout will make it easier to pour the jello into the shot cups.


Serving: 1 jello shot | Calories: 43 kcal | Carbohydrates: 5 g | Protein: 0.4 g | Sodium: 26 mg | Potassium: 1 mg | Sugar: 5 g | Calcium: 1 mg | Iron: 0.01 mg

Nutrition values are estimates only, using online calculators. Please verify using your own data.

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  1. I doubled the recipe and made this with 375ml Malibu rum (1 2/3 cup), and substituted 1/3 c pineapple juice for the cold water. First time making Jell-O shots. I’m not a party goer by nature. I’m happy staying home and sipping whiskey but we’re invited to a summer party this evening. These were super easy to make.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Joan! The pineapple juice will definitely give them a little extra flavor 🙂

      1. Tiesha Corbin says:

        How did you do it with the juice