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No Churn Raspberry Ice Cream With Sweetened Condensed Milk

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For an easy and delicious summer treat that doesn’t require a fancy ice cream maker, this no churn raspberry ice cream can’t be beat. It only uses 3 ingredients and only takes 10 minutes to make (plus freezing time of course!) And it’s always a hit at summer parties.

no churn raspberry ice cream made with sweetened condensed milk

Do you love ice cream as much as I do?

Then this homemade raspberry ice cream recipe is right up your alley.

You might think making your own ice cream requires an ice cream maker and lots of ingredients, but you would be wrong!

This easy recipe for no churn raspberry ice cream proves that you don’t need any special equipment to create a delicious, creamy frozen dessert.

All you need is 3 ingredients, a mixer and some willing taste testers!

So go ahead and give it a try. It’s sure to be a big hit at your next cookout or 4th of July party.


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Here is your shopping list:

  • dairy: 16-ounce container heavy cream (or whipping cream)
  • canned goods: 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk
  • fruit: 2 6-ounce containers fresh raspberries. I don’t recommend using frozen raspberries for this since they can add extra water to the ice cream that causes crystals to form (and they are harder to mix).

How to make no churn raspberry ice cream

no churn raspberry ice cream in an ice cream cone

This recipe makes about 12 ½-cup scoops of ice cream.

Prep work

Put a 9″ x 5″ bread pan in the freezer a few hours ahead of time to get it cold. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but will help speed up the freezing process.

Wash the raspberries, and dry them with a paper towel. Make sure they are completely dry, or the extra water can cause ice crystals to form in your ice cream.

Make the ice cream mixture

Pour heavy cream into a large mixing bowl.

With a wire whip attachment on the mixer, whip on high for about 3 minutes until stiff peaks form (they should stand up straight when the beaters are lifted out of the bowl).

Pour in the sweetened condensed milk and whip on high for an additional minute.

Add fresh raspberries and whip on low for 30-50 seconds. The ice cream should be pink with some chunks of raspberry in it.


no churn raspberry ice cream being poured into a bread pan

Pour the mixture into a bread pan, or freezer safe bowl.

Cover the top with plastic wrap. Then push it down so that it is touching the ice cream. This will help to prevent ice crystals from forming.

Then place the bread pan in a large ziploc bag, or wrap it in a grocery bag.

Chill for at least 5 hours, or until the mixture is frozen all the way through.


two raspberry ice cream cones with a bowl of raspberries in front or them and a red and white towel behind

Serve like any other ice cream – on its own in a bowl, with cake or in an ice cream cone.

Frequently asked questions

How long does no churn ice cream last?

No churn ice cream can be covered with plastic wrap directly touching its surface and stored in the freezer for up to a month.

Why is my no churn ice cream icy?

Icy ice cream is caused by too much water in the mix. This can happen if you don’t completely dry the fruit before adding them or by using frozen fruit that has been allowed to thaw.

Ice crystals can also form if the ice cream is left in the freezer for too long. You can help to prevent this by putting a layer of plastic wrap over the top surface so that it is directly touching the ice cream.

overhead picture of no churn raspberry ice cream in an ice cream cone

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