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46 Of The Best Spooky Halloween Cocktails

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Looking for something different to serve at your Halloween party this year? Why not try one of these boozy Halloween cocktails? From blood-red drinks that look like they came straight from a horror movie to festive cocktails with a touch of autumn flavor, there’s something here for everyone.

Super spooky Halloween cocktail recipes

Every year, I throw a Halloween party.

And every year, I want this year’s bash to be bigger and better than last year’s.

Which always means serving fun, spooky and delicious Halloween cocktails to go with the party theme.

It can be hard to find signature drinks that taste great and look the part.

So I decided to put together a list of my favorite Halloween drinks.

From shooters to sangrias and martinis (and everything in between), this list has something for everyone.

Large batch cocktails (Halloween punches and sangrias)

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If you’re throwing a Halloween party and don’t want to spend all night mixing drinks, then these large batch cocktails are your friend!

Mix them up ahead of time and you’re ready to go for the rest of the evening.

2 | Bloody Halloween sangria
Or try this Sangria recipe made with red wine, brandy and orange liqueur. Add some scary blood drops down the sides of the glasses to create the Halloween look.
Check out this recipe
3 | Black magic Halloween sangria
u003cpu003eThis black magic Halloween Sangria recipe is made with red wine, vodka, raspberry liqueur, apple cider, and fresh fruit topped with bubbly Sprite or Coca-Cola. Proof that Halloween isn’t just for kids!u003c/pu003e
Check out this recipe
4 | Bloody eyeball sangria
For a gory Halloween cocktail, try this bloody eyeball Sangria. Although it looks a little scary, it’s actually a fun fall drink that’s fruity, subtly spiced, easy to make, and surprisingly delicious.
Check out this recipe
5 | Polyjuice potion punch
If you prefer punch rather than sangria, brew up this quick and easy recipe that uses sherbet, lemon-lime soda, and vodka to create a refreshing, frothy cocktail that’s easy to serve for a crowd.
Check out this recipe
6 | Witches’ brew punch
Witches’ brew punch is a fun and frothy Halloween drink made with white wine, orange soda and ice cream. The perfect Halloween color, and so easy to make.
Check out this recipe
7 | Halloween vampire punch
Halloween vampire punch is a deliciously spooky recipe looking for a Halloween party. Served in syringes, It’s both delicious and spooky!
Check out this recipe

Halloween martini recipes

For all of the martini-loving people in your crowd, these Halloween-specific recipes can’t be beat.

8 | 3-ingredient candy corn martinis
Candy corn martinis are a go-to Halloween cocktail. This recipe mixes a DIY candy corn-infused vodka with cream soda to make a simple and delicious cocktail that only requires 3 ingredients.
Check out this recipe
9 | Layered candy corn martinis
If you’re willing to put in a little more work, these layered candy corn martins are made with whipped cream vodka and pineapple juice. They are so sweet, fun, and delicious you will want to enjoy them more often than at just Halloween.
Check out this recipe
10 | Layered candy corn martini with infused vodka
Or combine the two by creating your own layered martini with candy corn infused vodka. With the addition of mango puree, orange juice, Cointreau and cream, it’s a delicious, colorful and festive cocktail for fall and Halloween. (Who knew there were so many ways to make a candy corn martini?)
Check out this recipe
11 | Pumpkin Pie Martini
One of the easiest great tasting fall martinis ever! This pumpkin pie martini will be the talk of your Halloween party. Your guests will love it!
Check out this recipe
12 | Blue martini
Made with vodka, passion fruit liqueur and blue curacao, this blue martini is the perfect color for a Halloween party. And it’s super tasty, too!
Check out this recipe
13 | Poison apple martini
u003cpu003eThese poison apple martinis are a festive Halloween cocktail with a witchy twist for the adults to enjoy. Make one if you dare!u003c/pu003e
Check out this recipe
14 | Green Halloween gin Martini with lychee eyeballs
These green lychee gin martinis are an extra-spooky cocktail to celebrate Halloween. You can also make this into a mocktail so everyone can enjoy this creepy drink.
Check out this recipe
15 | Black widow rum chata white Russian
For a Halloween cocktail that looks like it has cobwebs, make this spooky drink inspired by Natasha Romanoff, AKA the Black Widow! It’s a creamy RumChata White Russian with coffee liqueur and marshmallow cob webs – the ultimate nod to the Avenger.
Check out this recipe
16 | Chocolate spider web Halloween martinis
This spider web Halloween martini is a delicious drink topped with a DIY chocolate spider web and spider garnish! A spooktacular party cocktail!
Check out this recipe
17 | Black widow martini
Made with freshly muddled blackberries and real pomegranate juice, this fruity martini is an extra spooky Halloween drink that everyone will love.
Check out this recipe

Spooky margarita recipes

If you have some tequila lovers in your crowd, then these Halloween inspired margarita recipes may be just what you’re looking for.

18 | Pumpkin spice margarita
Made with pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice, this is truly a fall-inspired margarita. Together with its orange color, it’s perfect for any Halloween get-together.
Check out this recipe
19 | Frankenstein margarita
Green goo meets this freaky Frankenstein margarita loaded with tequila and lime juice in a black lava salt rimmed glass. So spooky!
Check out this recipe
20 | Apple pie margaritas
Blended with fresh apple cider and tequila, this apple pie margarita recipe is a great light and refreshing cocktail for a fall day. Or as a specialty cocktail at your Halloween party.
Check out this recipe

Other Halloween cocktail recipes

If you’re looking for a signature cocktail for your Halloween get-together, then you’re sure to find something you love in this list of spooky adult beverages.

21 | Orange creamsicle cocktail

Orange creamsicle cocktail with black mesh and spiders in the background

Made with whipped cream vodka and orange crush soda, this orange Creamsicle cocktail tastes just like the ice cream treat with the same name. And is the perfect color to serve at a Halloween party.

22 | Peanut butter cup cocktail

Peanut butter cup cocktail on a black spider web beside some Reese's peanut butter cups and a bottle of Skrewball whiskey

This peanut butter whiskey cocktail is the perfect adult beverage for anyone who loves whiskey, peanut butter and chocolate. It’s like a Reese’s peanut butter cup in a glass.

23 | Fireball poison apple drink

Fireball poison apple cocktail on black mesh with slices of apple

Made with Fireball whiskey, apple pucker and hard apple cider, this cinnamon-y cocktail has all the flavors of fall. It almost tastes like apple pie in a glass, with a bit of kick. (That would be the poison part).

24 | Phantom potion
u003cpu003eNeed a fun but easy to make Halloween cocktail? Phantom Potion is party perfect! Simple to make with only 3 ingredients, it looks eerie and tastes great. u003c/pu003e
Check out this recipe
25 | Maleficent Halloween cocktail
This shimmering purple Halloween Cocktail is a show-stopper and guaranteed to be the hit of any party. (Especially if you’re doing a u003ca href=u0022https://www.entertainingdiva.com/maleficent-party-decor-ideas/u0022u003eMaleficent party themeu003c/au003e like I did a couple of years ago.)
Check out this recipe
26 | Dark and stormy Halloween cocktail
Made with whiskey and blackberries, this dark and stormy Halloween cocktail is a festive, fun, and spooky drink to serve during a Halloween party or to sip on while you’re passing out candy.
Check out this recipe
27 | Snow white poison apple cocktail
This easy Disney-inspired snow white poison apple cocktail is made with just 3 ingredients: lemon-lime soda, apple liqueur and edible glitter gel. The perfect drink for your adult Halloween party.
Check out this recipe
28 | Jack Skellington bone white Halloween cocktail
This Jack Skellington bone white Halloween cocktail is made with chocolate liqueur, whipped cream vodka and milk. It’s super tasty and the black and white color is perfect for a nightmare before Christmas party. Or anytime you need a ghostly looking drink.
Check out this recipe
29 | Cocktail from the crypt
This Halloween cocktail party drink is made with tequila u0026 mezcal, blood red, takes only 5 minutes to put together, and makes great blood shots. Or adapt it for a non-alcoholic kids spooky Halloween drink.
Check out this recipe
30 | Poisoned apple cocktail
This Poisoned Apple Cocktail is a bit tart, has a slight kick, and some fun bubbles to create a deliciously festive Halloween cocktail.
Check out this recipe
31 | Flying monkeys cocktail
The fall flavors of apple and pear are combined in a fun and spooky witch cocktail called Flying Monkeys. Complete with a crystal ball and striped socks!
Check out this recipe
32 | Glow in the dark cocktail recipes
These glow in the dark cocktail recipes are perfect for your next Halloween party! Tasty, smooth, and delicious these fun cocktails will have your guests talking. If you are wondering how to make glow-in-the-dark cocktails, these recipes are for you.
Check out this recipe
33 | Spiderweb cocktail
This spiderweb cocktail is a deliciously creamy white Russian with a spooky spiderweb on top, another perfect drink for Halloween parties!
Check out this recipe
34 | Black fog beer cocktail
This Black Fog beer cocktail is infused with a certain sweetness that brings out the coffee and chocolate flavors present in the Guinness. For all the people that love their beer!
Check out this recipe
35 | Fright night in the grove cocktail
u003cpu003eThe Fright Night in the Grove cocktail is so good it’s scary. Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice lends a pop of bright citrus flavors to a dreadfully-delightful combination of Jägermeister and tequila. But be forewarned. Too many of these may lead to one terrifying night.u003c/pu003e
Check out this recipe
36 | Poisoned orchard cocktail
Made with dark rum and apply brandy, we’re getting spooky with this Poisoned Orchard Cocktail. They’re perfect for your Halloween costume party or a night on the couch watching scary movies.
Check out this recipe
37 | Mirkwood’s enchanted forest cocktail
Mirkwood’s Enchanted Forest Cocktail is based off of the writings by J.R.R Tolkien and the grim, dark forests of Mirkwood. Sip if you dare.
Check out this recipe
38 | Black widow drink
u003cpu003eThereu0026#39;s something about fireball whiskey that makes an awesome fall drink. Combine it with tequila and spiced rum, and you have this strong cocktail that is made for parties and get-togethers. u003c/pu003e
Check out this recipe
39 | Pumpkin apple cider cocktail
Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins and apples so combining the two into this Pumpkin Apple Punch makes an awesome Halloween drink recipe.
Check out this recipe
40 | Candy corn soda cocktail
In case you’re still looking for drinks that taste like candy corn, this version is a candy corn vodka soda that tastes JUST like the Halloween candy! It’s also easy to make into a non-alcoholic version if desired.
Check out this recipe
41 | Low-cal carrot and orange juice gin cocktail
This fun, candy corn inspired gin cocktail will have everyone feeling SPOOKtacular at your next Halloween party! At just 150 calories, this cocktail is made with gin, healthy orange and carrot juice and simple syrup made with less added sugar thanks to SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia and Sugar Blend.
Check out this recipe
42 | The black heart cocktail
The Black Heart is a Halloween cocktail that’s scary delicious. With Black Raspberry Chambord, smoky mezcal, and herbal genever, this drink is perfect for an adventurous costume party crowd.
Check out this recipe


For everyone who prefers shots to traditional drinks, these Halloween shooter recipes are for you.

43 | Glow in the dark coconut rum shot
This glow in the dark coconut rum shot is easy to make. And you only need three ingredients to make it glow under black light. This fluorescent neon cocktail will be a hit at your Halloween party.
Check out this recipe
44 | Tootsie roll shots
The tootsie roll shot is an easy drink recipe that looks and tastes like the classic candy. You only need two ingredients for a tasty cocktail that’s the perfect color and flavor for a Halloween party.
Check out this recipe
45 | Vampire kiss Halloween vial shooters
At your Halloween party, the grownups will be looking forward to these fun vial shooter rum shots! These alcoholic shots are easy to make ahead in a vial or a syringe. And totally look the part.
Check out this recipe
46 | Goblin vodka shooters
u003cpu003eLooking for the BEST EVER shooter for your Halloween party? Well look no more. These ghoulish goblin vodka shooters have a raspberry lime flavor that will put you in a trance.u003c/pu003e
Check out this recipe

Well, that’s it for our Halloween cocktail recipes. Hopefully you’ve found a few to add to your adult party drink menu.

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